Using the Right Tools for your House-Flipping Business

You’ve got the motivation, you’ve done your homework, and maybe you even have a flip or two under your belt. Now you’re really ready to take your real estate game to another level. The question is …. How?? 

From all the clients that we’ve worked with, we’ve seen that a consistent key to being successful is to invest in the right TOOLS for the job. 

On the business side, like on the actual construction site, having the right tools will make all the difference in making your business grow faster, better, and with fewer surprises.. Here are some amazing tools to get you started.

Think SOCIAL  

Flipping houses might not seem like the most ‘social’ activity in the world, but building connections with the right people can really take your business from flat to booming. 

Which platforms are appropriate for you to showcase your services? It depends a bit on YOU and what you’ll do well, over and over again. On social media, consistency matters, so focus on one or two platforms that you’ll actually use!

Think of the most popular social media platforms at the moment: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, and identify where there’s the biggest chance for you to connect to people in the flipping houses industry or find clients. Facebook is great for sharing information, photos, and videos. Instagram is all about the visuals – images and quick videos. And LinkedIn is ideal for connecting to solid professionals in the industry, but a little less ‘personal.’

Start slow, pick one, and build momentum!

Build a Professional Website 

There’s an old saying that “If a tree falls in the woods and no one was there to hear it, did it really make a sound?” Well, the modern equivalent is “If you start a company but you don’t have a website, are you really a business after-all??” 

Simply put, a website shows that you’re professional, legitimate, and is your ‘face’ online. And the good news is that you don’t need to be a “webmaster” to have a nice-looking professional website. You can make a landing page or even a very in-depth website today super easily without any WordPress or HTML knowledge. Try companies like  Wix, Squarespace, or even GoDaddy – all have simply-to-use-tools that let you make a website in hours, not days or weeks. Get some simple photos on there, a few paragraphs about yourself/your company, and contact info and BOOM. You’re online with a spiffy new website.

Having the Right Project Management Tools 

Running a business can be overwhelming, so it’s important to stay organized. This is where project management tools come in handy!

What kind of ‘tools’ are we talking about? It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy – start with something simple and then stick with it. That’s the best system.

Try making simple spreadsheets using tools likeGoogle Docs, Excel Sheet, SRM, or something that allows you to input leads and write notes. Keep track of leads this way, points of the last contact, and status of your deals and suddenly you have a business that doesn’t rely on your memory to be successful! (What a relief!)

Action Lists for Follow-Up Flow

Did you notice how we’ve mentioned “consistency” a few times here already? Well, this last tool is all about keeping you consistent as well

Create an action list to keep track of your to-dos, and make sure it has deadlines on it as well. Ideally, you’ll have bigger goals on the list as well – maybe in a separate “Goals” section. 

Make sure you use this “tool” regularly, updating it with the next actions as they come up, and reviewing it at the end of the day so you already know your action steps for the next day. Set goals and action steps, keep track of your progress and – importantly – communicate everything with your team. 

That’s it for now! With these tools, you’re well on your way to growing and scaling your fix-and-flip business. 

What tools do you use that we didn’t mention? Write us on the contact page, or message us on social media – we’ll include it in our next entry!