You can’t make any money on your fix and flip project until you sell it, and to sell it you’ll need to attract potential buyers! If your goal is to rehab and sell quickly so earn your profit, then anything you can do to speed the process up can really help. Marketing your rehabbed property is one trick that can come in handy when it’s time to sell.

Take Nice Photos

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – but we say it’s worth $1,000! Nice, professional looking pictures can really take your fix and flip listing up a notch. Make sure to either us a digital camera, or consider hiring a professional photographer.

Consider Staging

A furnished room definitely feels more inviting to potential buyers than an empty room does. You don’t have to go all out and blow your budget on decorating, but a few staple pieces of furniture and some accent decor can really bring out the good qualities of your space.

Use Social Media

Social media sites are one of the best ways to not only connect with others in your field, but to advertise your flips as well! You can join fix and flip Facebook groups, ask your friends to share your posts, utilize hashtags, and more to reach potential buyers. We definitely recommend continuously expanding your network, but you can also take advantage of paid advertising options as well.

Don’t Forget About Traditional Routes

While social media and the internet are effect ways to market your listings, don’t neglect the more traditional routes! For sale signs, flyers, and newspaper/magazine ads or listings can reach more local folks that might not being seeing your social media posts.