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If you are a property flipper looking for a quick loan to kick start the renovation process of a home ,what you need are a hard money lenders. It is considered an ideal option for those struggling to get traditional loan from their bank due to the credit history as the process dose not demand the need for the loan provider to look at the applicants credit history before they provide them the loan. This make for a quicker transaction between the two parties, a factor that is highly regarded among those with business that rely on home renovation and real estate, as well anyone facing foreclosure.

At FLOYD PRIVATE MONEY BROKER, we provide you exactly what you are looking for. We process your hard money loan request in a timely manner so you can get back to what really matters to you. Don’t let the looming threat of a foreclosure ruin your day. Secure your self by giving us a call. Our Financial expert teams will assess your financial situation and work with you to provide you with the money you need to meet your need for fix and flips or long term rental portfolio. Don’t fall victim to other lenders who only offer denominations that would benefit them but would be detrimental to your current situation Partner with us and we’ll help you out. For more information, visit our office or give us a call! Serving NATIONWIDE!


If you are looking for HARD MONEY LENDERS OR A DIRECT MONEY LENDER, Floyd Private Money Broker has your back.

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