How To Scale Up Your Fix and Flip Business

Fix and Flip
Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the house flipping business, you have to deal with funding, budgeting, cutting costs, and the adventurous venture into the world of financing, private lending and hard money loans. Now, For Fix & Flip Newbies Out There:  If you want to scale, the true question is… How can…
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Fix and Flip Tips: Success Secrets

We know that flipping houses can be a fun way to turn a profit, especially if you know what you’re doing. If you’re still figuring out how to be the best flipper you can be, or are looking to expand your knowledge on fix and flip projects, we have some success secrets for you! A…
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Marketing Your Fix and Flip

You can’t make any money on your fix and flip project until you sell it, and to sell it you’ll need to attract potential buyers! If your goal is to rehab and sell quickly so earn your profit, then anything you can do to speed the process up can really help. Marketing your rehabbed property…
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Do You Need a Property Manager?

Do you like flipping rental properties but don’t enjoy the everyday landlord tasks that come along with renting? You should consider looking into hiring a property manager. A property manager takes on the day to day tasks that keep your property up and running. This can include screening tenant applications, collecting rent, answering to any…
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4 Fix and Flip Mistakes

Are you new to the fix and flip game? Before starting your investment project, make sure you don’t make these 4 common mistakes! 1. Not Setting Aside Enough Money Real estate investments, like fix and flips, can get expensive. The first expense you encounter is the purchase price of the property you want to flip.…
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Back to the Basics: All About Fix and Flip Loans

Hard Money Rehab Loans – House Flipping Loans – Investment Property Rehab Loans Fix and flip loans (or hard money rehab loans, investment property rehab loans, house flipping loans) are a type short-term financing that allow real estate investors access to the necessary capital to acquire, improve and resell a house for profit. These loans…
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