You just finished your fix and flip project and are ready to sell! You know that first impressions are important, so you want to add some curb appeal to your property. Good idea! But how can you make your property stand out without breaking the bank? Consider a few of these budget-friendly fast fixes that will get your property looking its best without making a major dent in your profit:

A quick coat of paint. Now, you can’t really paint a whole house on a budget, but you can give your trim and doors a quick refresher with just a gallon or two of paint. This can take your curb appeal up a notch!
Update outdoor lighting. A new porch light or even some small, solar walkway lights can up the appeal of a home. You can get these fixtures for a relatively low price, and often from stores that offer coupons!
Replace the old house numbers. Dated house numbers can throw off the appeal of a home, especially if everything around them is being updated or refreshed. There are a lot of choices these days but no matter which style you choose, fresh house numbers can really make a difference.
Add some simple landscaping. Small bushes or potted flowers add a special touch that only fresh greenery can! Landscaping can get surprisingly pricey, but simply trimming existing plants or trees, refreshing any mulch or gravel, or adding a potted plant near the front door can take your property up a notch!
Deep clean the exterior. Pressure washers can be rented for an affordable price, and can get old siding looking new again pretty quickly! While you have the pressure washer, quickly hit any driveways, walkways, sidewalks, or decks.
Ask a friend! Have a friend or family member give the property a once-over and then have them tell you what sticks out to them! They might see something that you missed, like chipped paint or that pile of leaves you totally forgot about.